Russian Companies

The franchise system used by companies related to the scope of services, such as catering, tourism, software, etc. Perhaps this direction of the franchise has been chosen due to the fact that services are most often not possible to remotely and it is here is so important to the network location franchise points and, consequently, their proximity to potential buyers. As for franchisees, selling goods, then this trend in Russia is much less developed, because it requires not only time to create a franchise network, but also the organization of the delivery system control the availability of products in stock and more. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ray Kurzweil and gain more knowledge.. Among the companies that sell products in Russia, the franchising system, you can select a company Xerox, sells copiers, as well as famous network of dealers – Lexus.

Among the Russian companies, realizing the franchise system in the area of goods, the most notable were supermarkets, such as “Crossroads”, and others. Prospects for the development of franchising in Russia Despite its relative novelty for the Russian market, franchising in Russia, the deserved interest among both novice and experienced among the entrepreneurs. More and more companies realize the benefits of business development in the franchising system, as this type of business can not only “keep up” with the rapidly developing Russian market, but also significantly reduced with the risks associated with the opening of its business.

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