SIOPLAST International Corp

SIOPLAST International Corp. – the island solution in Reno, Nevada, United States, June 11, 2010. Stream itself to generate and be independent from the power supply to solve the energy problem thus economically and environmentally friendly, is the dream of many. Have so far developers of appropriate power generation sources quite hard joined economically to find interesting solutions, a solution to this problem is emerging currently. The company SIOPLAST International Corporation of Reno, Nevada, has created a comprehensive expose for this request and moved the solution within reach. The company has developed in the German subsidiary Sioplast GmbH from Erfurt, Germany the first low-cost and thus feasible SOLAR roof tiles.

“” It takes probably at least 6 months to the production of solar roof tiles, but have we with the Expose the island solution “a foundation laid, which enables the viability of our project”. The internationally patented material SIOPLAST has the conventional materials properties, (E.g. concrete and steel) far exceed in many areas. Still, it requires less energy and much less water in the entire manufacturing process than comparable products. SIOPLAST is scientifically recognized and groundbreaking. The application possibilities are very diverse. Uncleaned because in addition to sand (75%) and unsorted waste plastics from PE receives SIOPLAST today well-attended as environmentally sound, cost effective and versatile material of the future, and PP takes a long used efficient application. The cooperation enables this project with a solar company. Interested can receive free of charge the report under. For more information, a team of scientists and product specialists available to the page the interested. Contact: Sioplast International Corporation

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