Spam E-Mail

The effectiveness of e-mail marketing is known to all, and now many businesses simply can not imagine myself without it. Now, almost every site you can see one, and even some forms of subscription fee for e-mail addresses. But e-mail marketing often confused with spam. Since most people do not know the difference between an ordinary mass mailing of letters on the huge database of addresses and mailing the same, but with the permission of the recipient of the message itself. And this is a big mistake that in the bud can ruin your business! Spam war is declared! Not only the major portals, but small resources have privacy policies, under which undertake under any circumstances, do not send the collected e-mail addresses in your hands third parties.

Each service provider has taken various measures to prevent mass mailings by its users. Hosting companies impose limits on the number sent by mail a day, hour, minute, etc. If we receive complaints, or you simply will be seen in an unauthorized delivery of letters, Your account on the server will be immediately closed. You will lose your websites, email addresses, and so on. Not to mention the moral and the legal aspect. Indeed, already in many states have adopted or are under consideration, the law imposes a penalty for sending unsolicited mail without prior contact. Ie engaged in sending spam, now you can not only ruin your reputation, lose the various services, but at the same time pay a decent amount.

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