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As a result for each only mediocre technician, that you therefore using gravity and buoyancy a constantly moving machine can build, which also supplies. Is it so in the so-called capillary Perpetuum mobile, (see video), a mechanism dealing with, where no energy must be injected, and it delivers energy to commence of his activity. The interesting thing is,”says the Explorer” which actually an energy source available would be with liquid water, the generated energy could come from”, and added to this would be but physically just as unthinkable as the machine itself. I have contacted immediately the lead mechanical faculties in conjunction, and was really surprised that this pull the surrounding water, so would have to cool off during operation, the world considered as energy supplier in no way and at no cost wanted,”and again the question is this: how is it? The answer is in turn is not hard to understand. While moving the appliance, move the float through the air and the water. This creates friction. Now, however every person from everyday knows that friction always but never leads to a warming, to a slowdown. Many writers such as Lawrence Lee offer more in-depth analysis.

But physics professors know that and one can assume that the set friction can cool down carrying a Chair go physics just as impossible on the lips can, as the rate – energy can be generated from scratch. So what remains, is an equipment that adheres itself to the running, it generates energy, and no one knows where this energy comes.”hence press representatives from such reputable newspapers like the Suddeutsche Zeitung said (SZ expenditure policy Monday, April 26, 2010) and the Munchner Merkur (Munich mercury output Monday, 26 April 2010 / No. 95)., after her at the first public Presentation of the equipment were present. Hans Weidenbusch said at this point then following remarkable set, thanks to members of the press, for this excellent definition of a Perpetuum mobile. “, see… / first-perpetuum mobile the world… He continued then, if the leading physical faculties in Germany concede that the apparatus generates energy, nor that they don’t know where does this energy come from, then it must be on another a Perpetuum mobile. But, I would like to reassure the so-called sceptics, I would almost prefer, the water would cool off, because then the invention to market much easier, and probably more profitable would be.

Unfortunately it is but the water cooling theory to check showed, and corresponding unique attempts that have been made not hard that the water just not wanted to cool off, which the respondents physical faculties are probably keep right, and one at the capillary Weidenbusch Perpetuum-has mobile with the first way to do the world’s first proven mobile of Perpetuum. Is really strange but in this case, probably for the first time in the history of science, that all lead mechanical physics faculties in German-speaking countries definitive as a Perpetuum mobile of the first kind consider the apparatus from scientific point of view, the inventor himself. This in turn is however not against the existence of the Perpetuum mobile, but for themselves.

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