Technology as an Advantage

While the previous section represented the technology as a competitive advantage, you can not talk about it without thinking about human resources that can create, use, manage, innovate, that is, they must have a workforce educated, skilled with the skills to face the future. As only the organizations that have specialized people can add value in the process. The development of human capital is essential to a quality culture in any organization. a “Ca” MO KNOW IF A CULTURE IS BETTER THAN ANOTHER? a There is no superior culture to another. The only measure that can exist to assess a culture is the degree that it helps the group or country to meet the challenges ahead. Salzmann (1977). Juran concludes that culture is the ability of a society to face challenges successfully.

We study the human activity that seeks to address the organization. From this perspective, organizations are: people systems by using operational structure and working methods and clearly defined service are geared to fulfill a mission that involves the creation of value for its stakeholders and influence. any organization, whether schools, hospitals, shops, factories, etc.. Have their own culture that has been developed over time. a “Ca” MO SE DEVELOP A CULTURE OF QUALITY? a Culture is responsible for many of the behaviors of groups and nations. Wal and Solum (1994) argue: if you try to carry out a deep cultural change in an organization must take into account natural laws of the organizations. That is, A should know by of all members, the organization’s values and mission. a The leader as a promoter of the work culture.

The culture is built from top to bottom and at each level of the organization. a You can not demand accountability if not given the authority and confidence. PERSONAL QUALITY CULTURE a. at this level is related to the individual, which has its own culture and at some point may decide to reject it and seek a new lifestyle that best suits your needs. Finally, the individual is master of his learning and can rework any time learning. Cover, handles the concept of proactivity, which is essential to the process of change and said that before each stimulus, the human being has the undeniable ability to decide how to respond. a moral conscience. a That is, the ability of each human being to respond to stimuli that come is influenced by the following factors: 1. a INTELLIGENCE. To predict future scenarios of the different response options. a 2. a MORAL CONSCIENCE. To decide the best path, based on ethical criteria. a 3. A A WILL. For once the decision to implement it and strengthen it. productivity is a habit that can be learned if exercised continuously and without interruption, that is, which is incorporated into the lifestyle of individual. According to Handy (1993), that cultural change in an organization to succeed, it must try to involve as many people with the desired cultural profile. When speaking of quality culture, referred to the set of values and habits Ha owned by an individual, which complemented with the use of tools and practices instead of quality in the daily act, let you develop with your organization to meet the challenges referred to it in fulfilling its mission. The Bone, Diane (1992) Quality at work personal professional standards guide, Mexico, Latin America. CANTO Humberto Delgado (2001) Developing a quality culture, Mexico, Mc. Graw Hill. CERVANTES, Edilberto Galvan (1998) A quality culture in school, Mexico, Castillo. Guillen, Legavlt, trans. , Graciela Haba Villagran; Achieving total quality in a service company, Mexico, Trillas.

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