Preparation For The Technicalities

February 1997 Jaime Parejo UCRA program prepares technically, officially presenting it through the Provincial Fire Consortium Huelva Provincial Council to the General Directorate of Internal Policy of the Junta de Andalucia. February 2002 was approved by the Andalusian Parliament, Article 37 of the law of emergency management in Andalusia, the creation of the Ukrainian Parliament in February 2006 Andaluz, the method adopted by PnL Chest as the official system in Andalusia The February 2 2006, Parliament unanimously approved Proposition, not Act on approval of Chest Method for the formation of BOPA Rescue Canine Unit 378, February 15, 2006 (7 – 05/PNLC – 000 294), which adopted verbatim text is as follows: The Andalusian Parliament urges the Council of Government: Proceed in a period not exceeding two months, the approval and official recognition of Chest Method for the formation of the Rescue Dog Unit of Andalusia (UCRA) and all units operating in Andalusia.. .

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