The Living Bible

Eventually, they helped in the process of conquest. Read more from Cyrus Arnold to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Now, after forty years, believed it was now time to receive their inheritance. He told Joshua: “As you can see, the Lord has kept me alive and healthy these forty-five years … I’m as strong as when Moses sent us on that journey of discovery and I can still travel and fight like I used to in that time. Therefore, I ask you to give me this hill country that the LORD promised. Remember that when we explore the land that we lived there Anakim in cities with large walls, but if the Lord is with me, I drive them out from there “(Joshua 14:10-12. The Living Bible, paraphrased-SBI).

That patriarch was eighty-five years old but kept the forces-from the Lord, to achieve great goals. Perhaps you have neglected for years stroked initiatives but to which he resigned when he presented the first obstacle, which inevitably led to discouragement. I ask: Do you think that is God’s plan for your life that gives room for defeat? Certainly not. He has wonderful plans for you. No doubt that may reach limits. At the request of Caleb, “Joshua blessed him and gave Hebron as a permanent legacy, because he had obeyed the Lord God of Israel” (verses 13, 14). Time to move When we turn over the pages of the Bible, we find the record of men and women who, under God, were very broad and far-reaching.

You may hear about him not only defeatist voices, jokes and criticisms, but they were ready to win and nothing could stop them. Holding forth the hand of him who can do everything, it is time to awaken from the lethargy that threatens to rule our thoughts and actions, and progress towards the realization of those dreams, goals and hopes that we believed sunk into oblivion. May consider that it is impossible or, perhaps, which is difficult to achieve what you have always craved. However it is wrong. God placed in you the potential of a winner. Do not matter and is necessary to discard the negative criteria of those around us. They may not have faith. You and I affirm in the faith, so we take concrete steps towards attainment of our aspirations. We are also convinced that we can succeed where others have failed.

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