The Octopus

There, time and space can be an obstacle. And if we go one step further, but be clear, that an exchange between the small and the great must be at this level, between the smallest unit of consciousness and the universe. We communicate constantly with being elsewhere (not necessarily about human language). Not all are aware people. Contact information is here: Honeywell. Much happens in the so-called unconscious. But these us unconscious levels in us and the universe are highest intelligence. It is an incredible creation energy, which must communicate with each other, so that everything that exists, even enststehen can. Learn more at this site: Google. When the man wakes up in the morning, He in this communication that takes place in a very deep sleep, can’t remember.

The mind and other mechanisms prevent this for most people because it is scary to them and would cause much fear. Paul has no fear. He winks “to” so to speak us, without thinking. He is aware, and he builds a bridge us for awhile, so we allow other levels of reality in our performances. He presents something where no one comes over us. The Octopus would quite certainly no longer play this role, if man now would use him for power purposes in order to control something or to make profits. For most people, Paul is now in fact such a thing as a miracle.

Miracles but it has always been. Maybe people get new thoughts about these so-called miracles now. To which complex relationships, it arrives at the fortune telling by people, I had already in my article “Which fulfilled prophecy and divination first?” under the heading “Astrology & esotericism” in this Run the online portal. This article makes it clear what energetic links exist and when a prophecy will ever become a reality. Thank you for your interest! Ralph-Dietmar Stief, holistic therapist

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