The Pleasure Principle: Emotions Are The Best Sellers!

Emotions rule the world: who transfers always information and emotion who is talking with other people,! When people talk about language, then the spoken word is meant mostly. Kenneth J Hardy does not necessarily agree. What is striking yourself, if you speak or listen just once other conversations with your fellow human beings? Yes, still emphasis is placed almost exclusively by the way, usually with very little in the perception of the interview partners – content to transport ideas, products or what ever numbers, data and facts for other interesting to make. It may even succeed, but simple interest no longer enough in this day and age, people to act or even buy to move. Bought”is an idea, a product, etc. unless it appears the addressee actually desirable. And what makes the whole thing desirable? Yes, here they are again: emotions as a success factor! You might be thinking right now why he writes again, but now I know “.” Exactly, and thus this so remains, I will also like to again speak. Because you have reached the ultimate goal of this book, if this context is aware after reading and act afterwards – every day, in every situation and during each individual employee, sales, or conviction conversation. Because your emotions are the spice, making each communication dish exciting, delicious, just more than just enjoyable for others.

People react to nothing as intense as on emotions. Even completely aware sure when you get to that next time in a highly emotional situation. Thinking you on an exciting movie how many tears flowed at the end of Titanic”, as drove the two main actors in the open sea and are adopted each other? Or, how quickly individual, negative people even the positive mood of an entire group to the tilt can bring. And we have all seen already the enthusiastic cheer choirs of real football fans, a whole Stadium “to the quake install and for the team to the famous beneficiaries 12 man deciding a whole game,” can be. Wherever we look, we are constantly surrounded by the emotions of our fellow human beings. And: we respond immediately! Often, a single word, a small gesture, or barely perceptible changes in the facial expressions of our counterpart decides wellbeing and discomfort are close together. Emotions are the result of the own internal State and they transferred to us or others in just two ways: emotions transfer our body language (especially the facial expressions!) You transfer language (here especially the how is one”) and when you speak, always two things: information and emotion! And the latter is most crucial. We are dealing intensively with your (body) language. The success factors for most important from my point of view in this context I want to meet you right here: body language is important, decisive the facial expressions! Positive facial expression is the Sympathie-and Trust producers and decide how the remaining body language is interpreted. The sound makes the music: tones and magic words magic words how beautiful, precious, precious, profitable, etc. impact emotionalising and attention-enhancing verbal intonations strengthen this, highlight important.

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