The Power Of Thought

It is sad to note that there are people who waste the most valuable thing they have, being, in advance of selfishness astray, looting, empty, self-destruction, carried away by the first impression of the chaotic reality in which we live, unable to move away from flat perspective that gives us being earthly creatures. These people do not realize that there is something much more valuable than money, material goods, bagels, privileges that distort vision and that is: THE THOUGHT. The thought is above all good material, with it you can get everything you want, but only if you know how to control. This is what distinguishes us from plants and animals is more, we can prosecute the thought, to make harmonious life of these people too, or can make you sick when you download them the negative energies. All material is purchased, it replaces, but an experience of pride, personal achievement obtained, or a feeling of sincere thanks, have no material value only achieved by thought, which is able to protect us from the lack of heat, light and well, as neither cold nor darkness or evil exist, because you can not study or dimension. For other opinions and approaches, find out what view website has to say.

These people probably should learn to focus and channel their energies to overcome the lack of order, solidarity, authority, tolerance, respect, harmony, peace … they should realize that this attitude brings more material and spiritual rewards, food for body and soul. According to scientific studies, the human being, successfully prosecuting its energy, would be capable of producing a fire. We are electrical beings, our heart is like a long battery life that gives energy to make something work as inexplicable as life. Life of free will, whose rudder is thought. We have the potential to create situations that benefit us and benefit others, but unfortunately often do not know how to do it and take a path that only makes us lose time, on the way to our main goal: happy moments. But paradoxically, we can not change reality, we live in and know their weaknesses, to be prepared and know how to act in the best way, not hurt us or hurt those around us. This is not always possible, but with positive thinking, reducing the margin of error. I understand that these people may have lived very traumatic experiences that have shriveled as his thought, which is very difficult to straighten them and put it to work in your favor, but they should make an effort and find your inner energy, not to get carried away by the great social storm. They should stop and look inward and find the greatness that exists within the intelligence and the power they have in their thinking, to choose between two paths: the positive or negative, because that will depend on the successful life failures or who want to go.

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