The Princess

Zahara does not heal with love that you offer him, but chosen by your heart.-While both, Zahara attended his meeting with Fernando after the thick rosales that concealed the passage where this accessed and thus day by day and intoxicated by the soft smell of roses, were daily fed her so much love, that the Princess was willing to abandon their motherland and their Religion and skip these barriers to flee and spend the rest their days next to her boyfriend Fernando. A few days later, Zahara was called to presence of his father and this informed him, in short, would leave for Damascus to marry with the powerful Sultan. A desperate cry was released by the throat of the young woman – No, will not go never-.!! His bemused father and riding in anger, violently zarandeo her daughter – why desobedeces my orders why not go – because I love to another.-said Zahara.?!? Her father slapped her – your name-you!! He demanded while continuing vastly it with such force that the Princess could not avoid revealing his passion. Ben-Abed cuate began his revenge. I had to kill the boy.

Soon soldiers in surprise to lovers and the young man was captured. Zahara knew what was waiting for him to Fernando and ill. The Princess was dying of love. His father, knowing the severity of the disease of the young and eaten by remorse, went to see her but not before, having prepared a ploy as a good soldier who was. -Zahara – said you let’s make a Pact.

If I win, you have to obey my orders – which locked up wedding plans with the Sultan of Damascus – and if you win, I will let freedom so you can choose your husband-the young man nodded. I couldn’t but that OK. Peering out the window told him look this landscape – pointing slopes of the Benacantil, – if tomorrow dawns nevado and covered with a white mantle, you win.

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