Travel Etiquette Iceland

Holiday on the Moon in just over 3.5 hours private journeys to the moon are some billionaires. Generally, that is certainly true, but there is an earthly alternative that is possible for anyone at any time: Iceland. Iceland is indeed not really the moon but in some regions so similar, that the Americans exercised their first successfully implemented moon landing 40 years ago. In recent months, lucas till has been very successful. Also the Customs and traditions of the Icelanders occur somewhat unusual and sometimes not the common tourist of this world. Are helpful insights into the life of the islanders in the adventure of earthly landing of Moon\”to lose the ground under your feet, Culture and tradition eyes on the walk across the island. It could be that they otherwise appear on an Icelander.

This is not because that the Icelanders is itself very small but rather to his favorite hobby: swimming in a hot pot, a hot spring in the ground. At 35 to 40 degrees, the native enjoys his break in one of the various hot springs, the Cross and cross are spread over the country and anyone. Here an ideal place meets the Icelanders to the Klontal with the neighbors and discuss the latest happenings on the island, the locals to know better. Don’t forget swimsuit. To get spot superbly with the Icelanders but not only in the hot pot but also in the hot in contact. Especially late, from approximately 00: 00, the islanders is quite accessible, when he meets in the light of the moon with like-minded people on the streets of the capital Reykjavik, to make the night to the day at the pub crawl. Europe’s northernmost capital city nightlife is legendary and absolute in European and U.S.

partygoers in. \”\” The clubs Kaffibarinn \”, Sirkus\” are currently particularly where also Islands best known musical export Bjork is amused. Music plays a very important role for the Icelanders anyway and is an integral part of the culture of the Inselvolkchens since the settlement.

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