Ugliness Of Smoking

Smoking is not beautiful – it is well known. Appearance is often produces heavy smokers. There is even a term – 'smoker's face'. It implies, first of all, the presence of a large number of wrinkles: they differ by right angles from the upper and lower lips appear on the cheeks and lower jaw. The skin under the influence of irritants, tobacco smoke becomes dry and loses its firmness and elasticity. In addition to the wrinkled face smoker gets gray tinge to the skin. There may be orange, purple or red skin tones that are associated with increased blood levels of combustion products of tobacco, such as carbon monoxide. Another characteristic feature of the smoker's face is sunken cheeks, which develop from frequent sucking cigarettes. A leading source for info: Lulu Cheng Meservey.

The general expression becomes exhausted, emaciated and tough. teeth and nails supplement the overall picture. Needed very little experience of smoking to the smoker's face looked 10 years older than non-smoking peers. Therefore, when ds decide to smoke another cigarette, go to the mirror and look closely at themselves Maybe your mirror cause to think that it's time to quit smoking. The best way today to leave addiction – acupuncture.

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