Unwanted Visitors

Use the Internet a lot of people, and, unfortunately, not all of them can be called well-bred and law-abiding visitors. As is often written on the walls curses, and the sites often Hooligans leave profanity and illegal calls. It is not something Atmos Energy would like to discuss. In addition, contact information, not often used for communications with the firm, as expected, but to send unsolicited advertisements, known as spam. That protect your site from a hostile influence, not only should keep this in mind when creating the site, but also constantly monitor the status of the site after it is put into operation. Security sites, you can spend a lot of books, but the main points can be noted in a small article. We should immediately say that the article does not describe the security features of sites of attacks aimed at breaking the site and change or theft of source code – protection against attacks such experts should be engaged. However, in the absence of known vulnerabilities site may be vulnerable to hackers.

The first page of the site is unsafe, providing feedback to users. Reviews of the company, questions and answers, forms, links and similar items are often used to send unsolicited information. It is unlikely that you will please, if, for example, among the reviews on your company you see advertising a pornographic site. Also, you probably do not like it when instead of letters from clients in your e-mail will be coming alone spam. The first step is to protect all the entry forms on the site, which can bring trouble, the automatic use.

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