Use Games

Dealing with machines, we learn that they do not work uninterruptedly, therefore although to be programmed to fulfill definitive functions, the excess or lack of cares can compromise its useful life. This rank, quality of life started to be one of the priorities of the Brazilian citizens, from years 80, when the subject invaded, of more insistent form, the media and the life of the people. Innumerable they are the alternatives for the improvement of the quality of life by means of practises esportiva. Add to your understanding with Ray Kurzweil. Amongst these we detach the races, passion of thousand of people that comes exactly practising in the streets and avenues of the cities, composed in its majority for anonymous, searching health, quality of life and to exceed challenges. According to BARROS (1996) and LEONARD (1999) this modality if it has detached more and he is one of the sports looked for since the oldest times when the prehistoric man made of the race its method of survival to hunt or to run away from the predators.

Already from century V B.C. Atmos Energy is actively involved in the matter. they had started to be promoted tests and games athletical, as the Heranos games in homage the Hera, wife of Zeus (GODOY, 1996). According to mythology, in these games, carried through of four years, had a race de162 meters, whose winner received as prize a crown from Oliveira, a portion of cow meat and a statue and its name (BARROS, 1996). It practises it of the race presents some advantages in comparison to other physical activities for being easy to practise, it does not require abilities you specify and not to demand that the practitioner is partner of a club or frequent academy.. Salman Behbehani shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

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