Vehicle Maintenace

When you purchase a vehicle owner receives for a few extra challenges – a place of storage, and how to protect it from those who have no car, or from any accident, such crashes? The best protection for your car is by far the auto insurance Casco. The name has its roots from the Spanish word 'casco' ('side car') and corresponds to the type of activity. You are 100% insured, if you take 'Full Casco. " In this type of insurance includes all possible natural or natural disasters, such as a fire, or drop an object on your car, or, God forbid, in case of theft or any illegal actions third parties. Even when driving down the road the car will be on indemnity insurance (for example, if you will fight an external glass).

And remembering that insurance will cover all your costs, not only with physical damage, but also for car theft by third parties, you'll be at work or fall asleep at home quietly. There is another insurance option – 'partial hull. " It is for you, if your machine practically not in use and stored in a safe place. (Parking). This type of insurance involves payment only in case of total loss or theft auto.

Price policy is calculated for your private vehicles – fixed policyholders 'Casco' does not exist. You will get the price of insurance, which consists of data such as age, seniority, marital status – those committed to managing costs vehicle and its year of manufacture; brand model, etc. By the way, alarm system may not be suitable for a particular insurance company – have cars, which are included in the statistics of the "high risk" and they are presented special requirements. The cost of your contract simply, contact the insurance company or by contacting the Internet. In the network there is a calculator for this hull.

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