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Jakob Nielsen, recognized gur of subjects of usabilidad and the accessibility Web I publish in recent days an article within its famous Alertbox bulletin where it set out a series of advice about the form in which we must write up the contents of our Web. These advice detailed the typical errors that are committed in the online mean at the time of putting in writing what we wished to communicate our potential clients. When he is written for the Web is because we want to be found " If you do not appear in the page of first results of the finder he cannot either be that you existas" it is the phrase with which the article of Jakob Nielsen begins. Certainly the motors search are the means of attraction of more important traffic for a Web site that contains a high dose of contents. In the positioning in finders the motors search are nourished of the contents that own our pages Web to place them in certain positions within their data bases. The motors search are continuously improving their algorithms of relevance to show those pages that own the contents most similar to those than are looking for in the Web. All text that is written in a page Web is a bait for the users of the finders. People use her own terminology in front of a finder Exist many articles of Internet that say that " content is rey" but the king does not speak of the same form that their subjects don’t mention it serve to have many contents. When we wrote up the contents of a page Web we commit the typical error to copy what the dossier of sale of the company says, or what book says corporative, or worse still, to place the mission and vision of the company to explain products and services that we sell.

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