Why Do Men Wear Tie?

Apparently, the tie is plenty useless. It dangles on the upper body, it tends to hang out at the most unlikely moments in the soup, you can not put them in the washing machine… Nevertheless, enjoy again growing in popularity. Despite tie helps all prophecies of doom (n) again. And not only in the Office, the binder is also private to see again more often. With the tie now, yes a long tradition. After it has evolved from ancient models, he lost to changing fashions, to only in the 20′ years of the last century received its present form.

For centuries, the tie from a neat decoration neck protection changed until the indicator of the upscale man of the world. There is a very useful overview of this development on Schlips.com. Now, the tie is the only piece of jewelry that has still remained the style-conscious men, after all. Heavy gold chains, derbe bracelets all this rather frivolous acts in society. With a tie, however, you can adorn themselves without to put his gentleman status.

Of course, rather dark suits are worn in the professional environment. Dark grey, dark blue coloured spots incorrect display. Except, just this little piece is fabric that hangs around your neck. If you prove your individuality with the help of their tie, you reap maximum envious eyes. Is the latest business fashion still so strictly regimented, the trendy tie purple marked you still as a trendsetter who has no fear, even to be noticed.

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