This means that mass and space time fall into a single mathematical point”along with any expansion but extremely high density together. A mathematical point is a scientific assumption. Actually has a visible point extensions, height, width and length, otherwise he would not be visible. Singularity is now”a such mathematical point lacks the size unless he is invisible, has no dimensions. At luca savi you will find additional information. Because there is no room in the black hole, the light needs no speed to measure this (non-existent) space. The consequence: There is no time! Regardless of whether or not there is there is still a light speed.

Because there is no time, nothing happens in a black hole. Because an action requires a development, the time required. That does not mean that there would be no conditions there. An observer of outside, he could see the content of a black hole, may notice but all times at once. “This is only” in theory (the light does not leave Yes the black hole), but some impact in the book Joseph has-towards the Graal “. Niehammer: We do not ever talked about similar? “” Wallner-F.: Yes, talking about the many-worlds theory “and the State before” the big bang. This is a similar condition to a black hole with some probability.

If the big bang theory approximation of the reality, the universe was created from something that had no extensions. So no time, because without space time does not exist. For this reason, it is also quite confusing, if you ask what was before the big bang. A previously did not exist. Time was only with the room. Here, the question emerges after the local realism”on Einstein’s, because this thing was almost certainly a closed system. Nothing and nothing came out. Where even if we want to seek no God? If contain everything in this thing was now at the moment of the big bang that universe had no extensions”. But there came a change. Matter was created. Probably from energy. Niehammer: You said that already. We want to repeat parts of the conversation here? Wallner-F.: I think that might be lightening up. We repeat parts of it here. To fears that maybe caused the the CERN particle accelerator for the eventual production of black holes: As previously said, involves physical processes, which can occur anytime, anywhere. Black holes are usually but very unstable and too weak to a genuine threat to represent, should they arise. And from the above, we can assume that we would not notice a journey across the event horizon of a black hole. Inside but not on biological clocks goes by no time. That means my opinion, that there can be no metabolism, such a transition but we would not remember. How it looks with our consciousness, is a different question, namely a philosophical. “Moreover I have annexed to the book Joseph-towards the Graal” written a lot. These ideas and more can be found on the website for the book: joseph.wolfgangwallnerf.

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