Anibal Basurto Power

Using a reference to the master Anibal Basurto: most of the races on the administrative economic branch were intended for a consumerist society, in which there was no client; had simply consumers or users of products and services, which companies threw into the market without thinking for nothing on a client that did not require, only consumed. However, the world has moved; the consumer disappeared, and of herself emerged an insatiable Monster called customer, who with their buying power is redefining forms as companies are planned, are designed, organized, perform their productive and management processes, marketed and charge. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Michael Steinhardt. The global crisis that we are going through, will give more power to customers, where they seeking to maximize the benefits of a product/service for your cost, you will find sky, land and sea (globally, no longer the little shop in the corner) the company who is them offered. The customer loyalty as you previously knew, disappear; as mercenaries, will seek to the highest bidder, that give them benefits, warranty and desired added value; already not be nationality, interested if they are mortar or virtual. Companies that want to survive, must now focus to trap customers with telescopic sight, in a selective way, throw nets into the sea to see what fishing, will be lost resources.Therefore, the question we must ask ourselves is, what structural changes must do in our companies, to confront clients who deliberately have more power to the global crisis?

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