Applied Explicit

The idea is to monitor elements as regulating customers, competitors, suppliers, agencies, new products, new competitors etc. 3. The USE OF TECHNOLOGY OF the INFORMATION IN the MANAGEMENT OF the KNOWLEDGE Of a general form, for the knowledge and organizacional memory, is necessary that if it understands as the knowledge is organized, as much in business process as technician and who is the consuming products and of this knowledge. The disponibilizao of mechanisms of rescue of the knowledge, integrated in the business processes, and that they make possible to become it explicit are factor-key for the success, where this aims at to identify and to remove possible structural and psychological barriers that can hinder the exteriorizao of knowledge and the contribution between the people. To know more about this subject visit Atmos Energy. For It hisses (2004), the information technology (YOU) does not contribute significantly for the tacit format of the knowledge, but it is basic for the combination of the explicit knowledge and a facilitador factor for the externalizao and the internalizao when the tacit format is in balance with the explicit format of the knowledge. Teixeira (2000) affirms that the paper of YOU for Management of the knowledge is related to the support to the construction of communication forms, to the conversation, the learning, the formation of work communities, to the estruturao of the individual experiences and the teams, to the facilitation of the access the ideas and solutions. Thus, the technological tools for the Management of the knowledge are classified in accordance with its vision of application: Applied to the storage of the knowledge – Knowledge Repository: tools directed toward the storage and management of the knowledge, being able to be detached as examples Data bases (SGBDs), Warehouses Date, tools OLAP and systems of Document Management. These technologies, for being closely related with the explicit knowledge, allow the organization to know that type of knowledge possesss and where if locates, remaining to manage it, to integrate it and to organize it of form it to be able to take off the biggest advantage of its extration.

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