Architectural Paradise

Barcelona: An architectural paradise. For more information see Blu Mankuma. If the pride of Valencia is Calatrava, Antonio Gaudi, is definitely its counterpart in Barcelona. Many works architectural Gaudi in Barcelona reflects the influence of natural figures and the taste of the artist by them. His works seem to be silent, but acquire their own life through its curved stones, shapes that acquires the twisted iron and its colorful mosaic floors. Hailed by architects and designers around the world as one of the artists with a unique style, Gaudi’s architectural contribution makes Barcelona the representative of Spanish architecture and world. Designs of Gaudi’s sagrada familia or the Temple of the sagrada familia is Gaudi design of 80 s and is undoubtedly the biggest and most convincing of his works. The construction of this Catholic Church beginning in 1882 and waiting be completed in 2026.

Gaudi worked on this project for 40 years, handing over 15 years of his life to this building. The objective of Gaudi is to make the Holy family the largest and most renowned sanctuary of Christendom; This church has a complex design that shows traits of elegance. Christian symbolism the Guell Park, is another of the designs of Gaudi, is an excellent place for rest, which offers a beautiful view of the main tourist attractions of Barcelona; explore the Park and you’ll see the site that has been home to Gaudi for 20 years, (a picturesque House located in the middle of the bottom of the garden); even from this point you will get a wonderful view of the Holy family. Casa Bartlo is the smaller and more recent works of Gaudi, in Barcelona; restored and rebuilt between 1905 – 07, this building was designed for a middle class family in one of the more prosperous districts of Barcelona. The House of the Ossos, as it is called by locals, or the House of bones, has a skeletal appearance that draws the attention of tourists, so it is normal to find long lines at its entrance during the tourist season. Landscapes and other architects: the Tower of communications, Montjuac is an incredible contribution of Santiago Calatrava to the collection of masterpieces of Barcelona.

In the distance, this construction has appearance of a great sculpture carved from a huge block of white marble. The mountain that separates the same city of del mar, also called Montjuac, by itself, constitutes a beautiful landscape, which can be enjoyed from the constructions highest in the city. A design of the Frances architect, Jean Nouvel, is one of the most impressive skyscrapers of Barcelona.

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