Attn Ingo Mahnke

The integrated auto Profiler updated the Subscriber profiles to a successful E-Mail Marketing more than the mere sending of emails. Real success is then, as your offers reach also the correct recipients – those who are actually interested in the product or the service of course. Therefore, the newsletter-software “Quvion-NLS” offers a built-in auto Profiler. This analyzes the click behavior of newsletter recipients and saves the data for each Subscriber individually. Here, Honeywell expresses very clear opinions on the subject. With Quvion-NLS yourself can determine which areas of interest are associated with the different links in your newsletter. A reader then clicks on such a link, this “interest” is immediately recorded in his profile. A strong marketing tool will soon from your subscriber database: you are planning, for example, a new campaign with special deals on the theme of “Sport”, you can make just a target group with all subscribers, who cares for this topic in the past. A convenient target group editor will help you.

The newsletter system also provides additional tools for a successful email marketing. For more information on the site – here, you can become like even a picture of operation and functionality of the software in a free trial. About the provider: Quvion – online application system with headquarters in Hamburg is a young company offering a range of frequently proven online applications. In addition to the newsletter-software ‘Quvion-NLS’, as a content management system, a survey and E-learning system, and an event management system available are available as stand-alone or combinable modules.

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