Avatar State

Aang opened their first 6 chakras without problem, but when it came to the seventh chakra, the Guru Patik He told him that he had to get rid of everything that treasured and there reminded Katara, the girl whom he loved, and in that State of total opening, saw that she was in trouble and came out of their process without opening the chakra, essential to dominate the Avatar State. He was, like Luke Skywalker, without finishing his training. This speaks to us of how strong that are the human aferramientos and how difficult that is to achieve such liberation and transcendence that, somehow, we all seek. The work is not easy, but there is our choice: live deceived by an illusory world or feel the force of real and practical way. Life is the journey, not the destination. A life will ever be enough for the integration of consciousness, but without a doubt, every step we take us away or we about to feel inside the realization of what we hold as panting theory. One thing is certain: where one puts the attention, there is energy.

If one is dedicated to the outer world, because only the things of this world are evident and are which importance for us. If one focuses on the inner world, then, are those experiences which are important and which shape our human experience. Something important to add is that the world inside nor the sky is the limit, simply, there are limits. Everything we see in the films of science fiction or what we read in the books of this nature or philosophy is feasible, although they are symbolic expressions of States of mind and consciousness. The gap that makes that we keep the feelings and inner experiences trapped in science fiction is that prevents us from recognizing that the difference is only in our minds. The certainty born of clarity, clarity emerges from the dictates of the intuitive heart, the same as most have it closed for fear of feeling their fragility and not knowing how to protect it.

While we have closed the heart, that is the bridge between the inner world and the outer world, we can not experience the identification with the essential truths of real and practical way. Interestingly, a major open heart is thinking. If the file opens, simply take the first steps to join that intuitive heart. I can say now, including intuitive heart not even found in the chest but the Dan Tien, the same that is a few inches under the navel and, according to oriental theory, is the center of power and balance. Dan Tien, literally means cultivation of the energy network through the internal solar energy. The activation of the Dan Tien is the first step to enlightenment in Taoist Inner Alchemy. In the West we interpret it as a feeling with the guts. That can be a way to differentiate perceptions between the heart’s desires and the intuitive heart. In addition, would have to differentiate between feel something safely versus feeling something with certainty. The latter is deeper and stronger than safety. There are no any doubt the certainty. Original author and source of the article

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