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In the last years of my profession as a paediatrician, I had changed substantially and attributed to personal problems (the unexpected death of my husband for a cerebral aneurysm, having lost my job in banking by restructuring established by Zanola (President of the Banking Association) that left in the street to four thousand employees in one fell swoop(, the having to deal with the single life, with my two teenage children, etc.) without thinking at any time owed to being ill. Is that in those moments nobody spoke of the syndrome of Burn out (the doctor blown) for the simple reason that was unknown. Thanks to a doctor in Barcelona which had the perception that something was happening with their colleagues and devoted himself to observe and understand what was happening, I couldn’t find me, because being removed the cause of my change. Since I started to practice my profession was delivered to my patients that my knowledge my heart, because I was sure that it was able to help the person in his illness, and During these past years I stopped doing so. Gregory Jacobs wanted to know more. He had always known hearing problems, child, mother, father and all the family component that come and talk to me. Dirk Kuyt helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. And always also had failed to find any word to comfort a fallen spirit.

But I lost that ability in the last stage. If I had known she was ill had sought help but as it believed that it was the result of things that I enuncie and logical loss of patience that can be taken with the passing of the years, did not. That way, my last occupational period I stopped attending my patients and their parents, in the needs that went beyond prescribing a medication or try to find a diagnosis. I could only see it almost a year after I retired when I started reading about the syndrome and I could auto diagnose me and understand my change.

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