Bastian Sick

Poems or speeches to birthday, wedding or anniversary can be ordered through an online service. A sheet of white paper can mean many things, but for most people this means what I write it only? What can I say? “.” Observation of current development is that the German language is increasingly becoming the problem case. To deepen your understanding Petra Diamonds is the source. “Not only by books like the dating his death is the Genetiv” by Bastian Sick it is clear that the SMS language “much supplanted. The changes are partly due to new media such as the Internet or the phone back to lead. Here reign short terse messages often supplemented with shortcuts and new ways of expression. Thus, the classic form of written communication, such as writing letters, moves more and more into the background. Personally, this is very easy to check.

Through the question when I took the last time to the pen, to write a longer text? “.” But for almost everyone, the day will come again which he or she a text must deliver. Was it a short speech of thanks for own birthday guests, as the speech of its own employees to the company’s anniversary, a contribution to the staff newspaper or a smart text for the own wedding invitation card. To facilitate the search for the right words, and to avoid a potential embarrassment, there are service providers who make special texts for the situation and person. Because like a good suit, so also the text to the person must fit. One of these service providers is the word Tavern author service. There you can order individual texts for almost any occasion. The spectrum ranges from poems for birthdays or wedding newspaper, serious speeches for corporate events or even funny stories to the loosening up of a Christmas or a birthday. Why also should you torture is long with the search for the right words, when there are professionals who do the work one?

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