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And if you surround yourself with the right people for not being a serious professional, that you finish taking its toll. And that’s why I had a great lesson after years Sandra Bullock. But my dear Sandra, not content with that alone, turned my brain still use whatever and in my early teens. Almost 1 month ago was the Oscar. And 1 month before the nominations that were published. Sandra Bullock, after years of career, struggle, it was waitress, had teen counting my devotion, and having had the balls (ovaries, where applicable) to form his own production company with people more capable than she, was nominated for an Oscar.

But, interestingly, and in parallel, was also nominated for the Razzie: the negative version of Oscar, a “prize” which nominates the worst actors and actresses of the year. So we had our good Sandra nominated for Worst Actress and Best Actress at the same time, albeit for different films. How is life, right? And how different can be the perceptions that others have over us. The day of the Razzie awards, against all odds, Sandra Bullock appeared in the ceremony to receive his “reward” for worst actress. Yes, you heard: it was taken with all the good vibes of the world, not like everyone. And he appeared with a cart full of DVDs of its film, and asking that he distributed at least take the trouble to see it.

He never lost his composure and even had the luxury of making jokes. Grande, Sandra. He got people to the pocket and scored half-court with that attitude. The next day, were the Oscars. And you know what happened? Agan! A day after daring to pick up the award for worst actress, was recognized by the cream of Hollywood as Best Actress. “You’re understanding what I’m saying all this? It does not matter what people think of you, no matter where you are supposed to look like the only thing that makes your reality is the perception that you have it. The only opinion that can be powerful enough to define your life elevating or sinking is yours. It is not that of others. I know there are dark days and bright days. And what I always invite you and the rest of your life, is all you pleasures. To understand that the mere fact of being here, breathing, is wonderful. Embrace your embrace your light and shadows, and Take full advantage you can, because to extract wisdom is that maybe what you’re going to differentiate from the rest. And yes, well, I must accept: I think my “ex” Sandra has returned to take over much of my heart and I hope this lesson will have been so useful to me. still big hug! Jose Miguel Arbulu To read more articles like this one, receive free training and learn the strategies that are revolutionizing the current MLM, follow me: Actor, Passionate about MLM and Internet Marketing Expert in Social Networking, Traveling Man of the Renaissance.

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