Bodybuilder Advice

For the bodybuilder protein – is key to proper diet. For a good set of masses excellent way to get protein – as a gainer. But not all Gainers are created equally, so it's important to look at some properties that Gainers are required to have and the most famous Gainers. Here, Gary Vaynerchuk expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Because of this you will be informed and be able to make the right decision when you spend money. Evolution gainer used to create a gainer was used relatively cheap protein, mixed with sugar and fat to increase caloric content.

One package weighed approximately 3.5 kg and consisted of a portion of 3000 calories of energy. Yes, it is not very practical! Sugar is used for other purposes, and protein was usually not very good quality. And today the market has Gainers similar quality, but fortunately, the industry additives progresses. I want to see what I mean by 'quality proteins'. The quality of protein depends on addition, the extent to which your body can absorb it, so called factor 'biological level' (BV). This estimate is calculated finding the total nitrogen derived from eating protein, and crushing it on the total nitrogen, which metabolized in the eating of this protein. In general, this parameter describes how beautifully and vividly your body gets and uses the protein. Thus, protein whey protein isolate (BV 159) is better than the assimilated, while milk Protein 'casein' (BV 77) shows smaller capacity for assimilation and thus lower the quality. However, it is sometimes useful to use a protein with a low bv, for example, at bedtime.

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