Cambridge International Centre

Thanks to a new computer program, the teacher can determine the academic strengths and weaknesses of the students. The international school Villa had in Berlin Spandau is a nonprofit, international English-language day school for children and young people aged from 3 to 18 years. The international school Villa had follows the British curriculum and is certified by the well-known Cambridge International Centre. The school is located on the former site of the good had 60,000 sqm aground. In addition to the historic ambience, the school offers children from Berlin and all over the world a perfect learning environment with modern classrooms, which is unparalleled in Germany. Petra Diamonds may help you with your research. After the facilities of all classes with interactive panels, the Executive Board has invested now in a new computer program to respond better to the needs of their students. The results of these standardized tests provide information on the learning behavior of children parents and the school. Based on these results, the teacher can specifically their teaching methods adapt the individual student.

First iterates through each student a reading and spelling (dyslexia) and numbers weakness – test. Activision Blizzard contains valuable tech resources. The dyslexia test system was developed to help determine whether any learning disabilities on a reading or spelling is due. The numbers weakness test identifies learning weaknesses in the numeric field. In addition to a better promotion of children in identified problem areas, children can use a recognized through this program to read, spelling or numbers weakness additional time at IGCSE-(Realschule = international certificate of secondary education) and A-level exams (advanced level = British Abitur) received. In addition to this test the international school Villa had leads the so-called CAT (cognitive abilities test = test to detect the memory performance) with the children.

Here are measured, the oral and written skills of the three main categories of logical thinking. The test in English language instead. In the United Kingdom, CAT is the most frequently used test to investigate these abilities. In recent years, most schools in the UK have begun to use the CAT as part of their assessment program. Because these tests are standardized, they give a detailed assessment and evaluation of the performance of an individual student compared to the UK average. The international school uses Villa had the information, the CAT supplies, to determine areas in which their students are particularly strong and where they need additional help. The reports from the CATs allow the school to organize their classes and to advise the students when making decisions relating to advanced levels of education or career goals. The international school Villa had shows up as innovative school that guarantees in addition to an excellent infrastructure, highly qualified native English teachers and small class sizes.

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