Ceiling Systems

Ceiling Systems are usually designed only for the weight of panels and the projected lighting and ventilation lattices. Ventilation ducts and electrical cables should be mounted directly to the slab, with cables and wires should be routed only to the protective hose or cable channels. Such measures will provide additional protection for wires, especially if you plaster, carried out in areas with high humidity. False ceilings in an apartment is usually installed in bathrooms, hallways and kitchens. In the bathroom room such a decision makes it possible to install forced ventilation system, you can use to quickly get rid of moisture. In the kitchen over the stove or hob is usually provided hood, however, is insufficient for a full airing. In addition, zapotolochnom space can hide the communication from the central air conditioner, and then in summer, hot, housewives do not have experience discomfort during cooking or canning fruits and vegetables. Corridors – perhaps the only room in the apartments, where not provided by any windows for ventilation, no radiators for heating.

Partially solve the problem by using the installation of floor heating, but even if it was not done during the repair, the yield is still there. Suffice it to install the climate control system, hiding all communications for the panels already the existing ceiling. The process will take only a few hours – without a serious "invasion" in a thoughtful and implemented the interior design. Several decorative gratings provide additional decoration ceiling – guests do not even realize that this ventilation, and the atmosphere in the apartment will be more enjoyable and comfortable. Of course, all these metamorphoses are "painless" only if the owners do not really stingy, and purchased high-quality ceiling.

Products dubious manufacturers can look very good, but its lifetime is usually very small. In addition, panels and slats of poor quality, as a rule, do not withstand repeated mounting and dismounting: break fixing scratched the surface, and were themselves the product may be subject to deformation, which will affect the appearance of the entire ceiling surface. One of the most experienced manufacturers of suspended ceilings different types of company is Geipel. Its products are known in the Russian market for more than 20 years, and during that time was high performance. A variety of models and rich colors makes these suspended ceilings in the apartment, office, restaurant or hotel lobby. And most importantly, they not only allow you to create a visually flat surface, but also to provide easy assembly and, subsequently, access to any communications in the zapotolochnom space.

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