Hemorrhoids or piles can be defined as a physical disorder where the rectum is an inflammation or swelling. The reason behind this inflammation is the conglomerate of tissues full of blood vessels. Irregular eating habits, obesity and hypertension are the main factors of this disorder. There are other reasons behind this inflammation chronic constipation or diarrhea, pregnancy, aging. There are two types of disorders of hemorrhoids. One is external and the second is internal. Internal hemorrhoid patients have inflammation in veins inside rectum. External hemorrhoids patients have inflammation located in the veins out of the year.

Internal swelling is more painful than the external as this area lacks the presence of pain receptors. Itching, pain, and bleeding in the rectum are common symptoms of hemorrhoids. The surgery is not the only solution to get rid of this turbulent and painful disorder. There are accounts of painless remedies that are available. One of them is for hemorrhoid creams.

Creams, ointments and lotions to cure hemorrhoids can be found with a quick search. They are available in most pharmacies and a doctor’s prescription is not usually necessary. They are very beneficial in reducing inflammation and actually do not cure the patient of hemorrhoids completely. For external hemorrhoids patients it’s one of the most reliable options to get rid of the pain. These creams help a lot in reducing the swelling of hemorrhoids irritated tissues. In this way they provide immediate and temporary relief of burning, pain and itching of hemorrhoids. Most of these creams have other herbal ingredients like Sage, Una de caballo, yarrow, Chamomile and aloe vera anti-inflammatory and astringent. They all work to reduce your pain. However, the hemorrhoid creams are not free of defects. Some patients with this cream complain of itching or burning more. Some find these inconvenient creams, since usually they should apply in the area several times a day. It is necessary to take into account that these creams provide temporary pain relief and are not the most effective way to cure hemorrhoids. They only work to relieve the symptoms of external hemorrhoids. They are not to cure or remove the hemorrhoid of the root. Therefore, the results of these creams usually only last a few hours. However, if you are suffering unbearable pain of external hemorrhoids and they are looking for a fast, easy treatment, and then go by these creams instantly. Otherwise follow the advice of basis for the outcome long term. For best results it is necessary to resort to a healthy lifestyle. You need to take food rich in fiber and cereal. The daily consumption of water must be eight glasses. Incorrect to standing postures and sitting should be avoided. The consumption of alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes, should be avoided since they aggravate hemorrhoids. Care should be taken to a style of healthy living for a life without burning, pain and itching of hemorrhoids. David Uribe has been investigating digestive disorders focusing mainly on treatment options, a regular contributor to the guide of treatment for hemorrhoids, a site dedicated to diagnosing and treating hemorrhoids with conventional and alternative therapies. Learn more about the different treatments for hemorrhoids and other information related to this site.

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