Man has always sought ways to express themselves and make samples of their different visions, with the idea of being able to express themselves their sociocultural environment components, and this has been a feeling that has been present in humans since time immemorial. So before this need, man has devised a good number of ways of expressing and sharing what your culture, but all of them include one that has earned and such great value, thanks to the development of many of its components with its content form of expression or expressed human, is the circus, that with the large number of activities that can be developed into a good circusthey have become an excellent way of expression, in this artistic event that fascinates and delights to a large number of people, making them spend very nice time with various functions that show the circuses. Bill Schaller has compatible beliefs. With fashion, what unfolds in circuses is a beautiful artistic spectacle that represents the personality of each of the components human that allow the development of the role of the circus. In circuses is You will find a large number of artistic attractions, among which you can find:-acrobatics, which allows to make different kinds of stunts and movements that are very complex, which can be done through the trapezoids or on a trampoline. If you are not convinced, visit Rusty Holzer. -the tightrope: the balance of different elements, the most representative in circuses tightrope which represents a high level of danger to whoever does such activity, can also be found the rocker or the unicycle.

-the contortion: requires great elasticity in the body, since making the contortionists, they come to perform unusual movements that show body postures of great difficulty, which a normal person could not perform. -magic acts: speaking of magic in the circus, is referenced to perform various activities of illusion, acts out of the ordinary and that they do not obey any logical explanation; inside the magic can also include escapism, in which gets rid the person of a tie or difficulty in one difficult situation. You can also talk of magic in the circus when referring to swallows them fires or swallow swords or introduce any type of element that is difficult for anyone else. -clowns, speaking of clowns, is perhaps refers to one of the points most representative of circuses. The idea of these is to make laugh people with the realization of entupidas scenes or graciosa. There are many more activities in circuses, but these will depend on the artistic vision that has every circus, those mentioned, are the more general and who can enjoy them in almost any kind of circus. So the circus and all activities that derive from him, represent a pleasant atmosphere of fun and relaxation, where the idea is to provide a rare welcome attendees and equal way to express the lifestyle of the artists who make it possible that given the functions of the circus. Original author and source of the article

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