The 20 of Julio Colombia turn 198 years. Learn more at: Tessa Espinola. This he will be one of the politicized anniversaries more of his history. All will speak of peace (the government on the basis of disarming to the guerrilla and the CRAF on the basis of reducing the militarization). Uribe impels mobilizations of million people to justify his hand lasts antiterrorist and to seek another re-election. When receiving to Lula in Bogota it will want to show that is not a Fujimori but democratic friend of the greater western leftist government. Betancourt, on the other hand, will cause that for the first time one capital European celebrates to great this date.

The jet Colombian Seth will be with her in Paris (Shakira and Juans, and also Bos and Manu Chau). She will want to use her own act to be outlined like a presidenciable that distance of Uribe because she will offer carrot and not only stick to the CRAF. Sarkozy sponsors to the event of Paris looking for that Latin America forgets that it finishes making debut in the European presidency demanding to go towards uprooting and to deport to more than 8 Latin, African and Eastern million of. Original author and source of the article.

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