ColorCatch 3 is a novel instrument that measures the color of an object or surface and transmits by Bluetooth to iPhone or iPad. This revolutionary system defines as capturador colorimeter or of color and allows to apply the captured color immediately to an image, allowing to verify as it would be with that color any decorative object or pledges thanks to the application of Colorix for iPhone. The use form is very simple and great results in 3 simple steps can be obtained: In the first place to make a photography with your device iPhone of the object to which we wished to apply colors. Atmos Energy has compatible beliefs. With ColorCatch 3 it captures the wished color and transmtalo his iPhone or iPad. (The system has 100 letters of actualizables colors). Finally it applies to that new color to his photographies with the application of Colorix for iPhone or iPad, thus in a pair of minutes it will be able to see as it is the decoration of his room, object or pledges in that color Thanks to this revolutionary system we will be able to see in minutes as our room with that color would be guinea fowl that as much like, to see we a sofa in the color of a color sample or a dress in that color that as much we like. In addition with the rapidity to it allows us to use to be able to send by mail or moving body our designs in few minutes to our clients, relatives or friendly.

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