We know what it moves a human being is the motivation by what it is considered to it and demanded, therefore the RH of this company analyzed through studies the organizacional climate of its collaborators, in which they had been seen that its collaborator did not feel itself well in working in a company who does not motivate it, consumes only it, does not promote action proceeding from incentives so that? good employee? he remains, and he grows in set. The R.H of a company is responsible for taking action effective in the work environment, characterizing itself as main function to search ideas of as to motivate its collaborators during day-by-day of work. In the study we saw that the R.H of this company searched action effective and preventive so that the harmful indices diminished, being necessary to show the reason to them to continue dressing the shirt of this company, motivating them through prizes, for reached goals, gratuities for time marry, interactive sessions of quarrels between the collaborators, promotions of hunting-talentos inside of the proper company and the transparencies between used employer x. Focando in these actions the company obtained to reach, or to arrive next to the desired indices, to motivate the people, are not simple task and easy, ahead of the studies we consider that the motivation is an intrinsic process; soul for each person. However the organization can and must create a motivador environment, where the people must search to satisfy its necessities proper.

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