Competitiveness Regional

For however, we will approach the evolution of the Deep ones. For development ends, we only remember that, the European Union as today is known has 27 State-Member that they represent one community and a domestic market of 493 millions of citizens, what it evidences the economic and social discrepancies between State-Member and its regions. The European Regional Politics has as objective to give body to the solidarity of the European Union, by means of the economic and social cohesion, reducing the differences between the levels of development of some regions. To give to fulfilment to the intentions of regional development and its politics, had been created instruments for in such a way, that is, which had been servant deep are: Deep European of Desenvolvimento Regional (FEDER), Fundo European Social (FSE) and of the Deep one of Cohesion. These deep ones have clear objectives for ' ' Convergncia' ' , ' ' Competitiveness Regional and Emprego' ' ' ' Territorial cooperation Europia' ' . 1.2.Estrutura of Deep a structure of the deep ones is defined by period, will have as base the general disposals of 2007 the 2013. Regulation 1083/2006 established the common disposals on the Deep European of Development Regional, Deep the Social European and the Deep one of Cohesion.

With values of the year of 2004, Regulation 1083/2006 foresees a budget of 308 billion euros, for the structural actions and the strategical orientaes of the European Union. It has a new budget for 2007-2013, of 348 billion. In synthesis, the regulatory landmark in the direction to act in favor of the economic and social cohesion, with the objective to develop, harmoniously, the sustainable and balanced growth of the favored regions less of the European Union. The politics of cohesion of the region of the consubstancia europeizao in affirmative-positive and or declaratory actions destined to fight the territorial, economic and social inaqualities, limiting, thus the priorities, going to the meeting of the objectives of Lisbon that if detaches for the growth, competitiveness and job.

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