Continuous Inflation

This week has been all about inflation and that will continue on Thursday, when the U.S. report.UU. Many writers such as Mitchel Resnick offer more in-depth analysis. PPI is released. There is already enough evidence of higher inflation of data of the week so far. Inflation in the United States.UU. to arise again in March? We have already received many evidence of accelerating inflation earlier this week, when the import price index was released. cess.

Imported goods prices no less of 2.7 percent every month from February to March with fuel, in particular, increasing remarkably. Today Will Producer Price Index (PPI) and tomorrow’s prices to the consumer (IPC) also show another sharp rise of inflation? Although inflation measures every month are very volatile especially those that include energy and food a simple model using nothing more than the import prices index as an explanatory variable PPI today also confirms they should show another strong increase. The following table shows the PPI against the values adjusted simple model from 1989 (R 2 of 0.77). It is evident that the import price index has some explanatory power when it comes to the PPI. The model suggests that today’s report shows that IPP rose 1 per cent every month in March (with 0.9pct 1.1pct confidence limits), exactly on the money compared with the consensus estimate.

If the forecast of 1 percent materialize the PPI rose an annualised 14.6 per cent in the first three months of 2011 and the year a 6.1 per ciento-ano-(efecto de base ayuda a mantener el numero a / abajo, deberia aumentar en los proximos meses). Other macroeconomic events today requests for unemployment in the United States.UU. It is according to the tradition of barrel today and it is also the Bloomberg comfort index (formerly the ABC consumer comfort index). Although the labor market has finally become all, confidence remains on the decline, regardless if you use this weekly or monthly series from two series (U. of) Michigan or the Conference Hall).

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