Coppola Therefore

According to Ramos and Coppola (2009, pg. 5) ' ' Thus, the Internet as a new media to be used in the education must be analyzed as a communication instrument, information, of research and production of knowledge. It needs, therefore to be recognized and appropriate as tool pedaggica.' '. In such a way the Internet is a technology that has well-known educative potential, therefore allows to the access the inaccessible sources of information for other ways, beyond disponibilizar great amount of resources multimedia. This without counting the fact of it to disponibilizar call blog that according to Boeira (2007, pg.3) ' ' it is an important instrument of communication, interaction and sharing of ideas, information and knowledge of colaborativa form, and for these characteristics, an important tool becomes that can potentially be explored in the area educacional.' '. Such blogs allow to the communication and the colaborativo work what, increase the possibility to appear pupils who can be active agents of its proper process of learning and not mere passive receivers of knowledge, without critical sense. Thus the case of the boy Ren Silva is fit who created the project ' ' Voice of the Comunidades' ' a net of you inform in the Twitter that has provoked a true revolution in the community of the Complex of the German, where it deferred payment, fact that comes of meeting what Gomes (2005, pg.3) in reference to blogs says: ' ' The school and the activities in carried through it are more displayed to the public scrutiny but also next to the communities where if they insert and they confide new chances for envolvement and contribution of diverse members of these comunidades.' '. This project of the boy Ren Silva if fits even though in a form of active social mobilization and in a species of constructive or colaborativa learning, therefore it provides an educative action that considers the individual way to think of the people and looks for to minimize the conflicts for the interaction and exchange of information of a person for another one until arriving at a capable collective consensus, even though, to mobilize the government to take care of to the necessities of the community.

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