Council Rights

A large-scale distribution action German Scientology attention churches now, that Scientology is worldwide recognized as a religious community. Sola breads opinions are not widely known. February 6, 2008 – in Germany alone confirmed more than 50 judgments, the religious community of Scientology. The German Scientology churches and missions are in the register of associations properly registered clubs – what is the usual legal form of all religious communities in Germany, which are still not public-law Corporation. Scientology churches in Portugal, Spain and South Africa were officially recognized religion as registered 2007. The European Court of human rights decided on 05 April 2007 also in a ground-breaking precedent, that the Scientology the protection of human rights guarantees as a religious association (articles 9 and 11 European Convention on Human Rights ECHR) enjoys.

The ruling also affects all 46 Member States of the Council of Europe. Also a new website was launched at the same time to the start of the campaign- – answered all questions regarding recognition of Scientology. More information: Maja Nuesch, Scientology Church Germany, TEL: 089-27817732., Scientology is a religious community, which in many countries is recognized worldwide and according to articles 9 and 11 (ECHR) in Europe enjoys the protection of the human rights guarantees as a religious association in accordance with the judgment of the European Court of human rights (from April 5, 2007). Scientology includes knowledge that emanates from certain fundamental truths. Scientology believes that the man basically is good and that his salvation depends upon himself and his fellow is and the fact that he reached a fraternal relationship with the universe. Scientology is not a dogmatic religion, demanded by someone he believes that whenever something blindly. Anyone even discovered that Scientology causes positive changes, namely by applying their fundamental truths and the result of observing or learns. The ultimate goal of Scientology is true spiritual perfection and freedom for each individual.

The first Scientology Church was founded in 1954 in the United States by former Scientologists. “Founder of Dianetics” and Scientology religion “is L. Ron Hubbard.

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