Be heard: one of the big mistakes that many make is the inability to hear, listen also is one of the qualities of professional singers, when you hear it acknowledges that this failing and thus improve without that nobody tells you that is wrong. knowing the voice: to know tones can I achieve started with knowing as it is my voice (severe, acute) and not to fool yourself trying to sing as a rocker and imitate their vocalizations of high notes, so I recommend you record one and again singing (a, e, i, o, u) clear this far your voice limit. control and domination of the voice: there is nothing better than emission-free sounds for this I ask that you practice outdoors or in the field where you will feel greater freedom where no one disturb you that many times to know that someone is listening to us limit the voice so that you don’t hear in splendor or such that does not know well the letter is yourself to sing the truth this is a point that I really like and you were to ask is it because? I like the originality is something nice to listen to someone who has their own style. maybe don’t be a renowned singer, but accepts this Council. show such which I like you are and so really excellent results.

Many know that we possess the gift to sing since our own voice reveals them. but it is not enough, entails the pursuit of perfecting it since it is not possible to be a good singer without adequate preparation, having a tutor course or class, using new technologies that provide us evidence in that level musicalo are. You can download a guide to sing that when I serve much.

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