Digital TVs

The people are if connecting and if communicating in participativa way, interacting each time more, what consequentemente it finishes causing a bigger discernment on what convenient and is desired to them. Each time more, the television comes offering multiple and complex narratives, and of sophisticated character more for a public most enabled in its average. Public this that already does not locate more as mere information sink, and searchs televising experiences excellent, in accordance with the imprevisibilidade of its time. Telejornalismo in the Digital TV In journalistic terms, the interatividade proceeding from the Digital TV will unchain new boardings for the news production. On the other hand, the verification of information, run over for the necessity of the instantaneidade can intervene with the credibility of the propagated facts. Being thus, it will have a necessity to modify the sort of predominant journalism in the emergent televising way. The speeches already could not only be informative, starting to acquire interpretativo character, that contains the opinion of the communicator who is giving service to the user.

Due to possibility of exchange of information made possible between the user and the vehicle of communication for the miditica convergence in the Digital TV, the journalistic companies will come close debtors to explore aspects more attractive of the notice, in a process of feeding and feedback that originates the call society of the spectacle. Being thus, the edition process gains more importance in relation to the substance, and the rescue of the humanizao of the journalistic notice will be a point of shock to the sprouting of the new technologies. For Maciel (1995), the technological advances finish providing more than what only changes techniques in the television. The effect if extend to practical of the telejornalismo, causing ' ' improvement in the quality of the produced information and a bigger rapidity in the spreading of notcias' '.

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