Document Management

How to keep the own “paperwork” in order… Forms – from the cradle to the grave. Each individual has a huge administrative burden to overcome, to master the life in our society. Applications, certificates, documents, certified copies, birth certificate, marriage certificate, correspondence with the health insurance fund and the insurance and much more. It is a quantum leap, that a large part of German private households has Internet access and is equipped with computer and printer already. As a private person, you lose track of contracts or expenditure quickly if you not digitally stored the data.

A multifunction device is already so important as a washing machine or a refrigerator in the budget. Copying, scanning, printing or faxing should use these devices at your fingertips. The all-rounders in the acquisition are not expensive. Usually, the consumption costs are much higher. But always, they are irreplaceable. Document management is urgently needed in the household. The more Members who has family, easier the overview in the household can be true. Warranty certificates can be scanned and will be deposited with the relevant proof of purchase, date of purchase and the terms.

Here right in the purchases of the household can be with relatively little expenditure of time bring and preserve. It is now not uncommon, many manufacturers offer a warranty beyond the statutory two-year warranty. But who can remember even after 3 years on the exact date of purchase or the dealer where you purchased the device? And who can know exactly whether the broken vacuum cleaner or the washing machine is still under warranty or not? Time passes most of the time faster than you can see, but not rarely guarantee claims be asserted occurring damage, because buyers have lost track of the maturities or no longer have the receipt. Buying a multifunction device is already worthwhile for scanning and Digitizing of purchase documents. You can save the there and back to copy shops and their charges for the Scanservice with an own unit. Assumes acquisition costs for a private Mulitfunktionsgerat from around 200,-to 300,-and facing which will cost to repair of a washing machine, you can calculate quickly, how meaningful is a such purchase. And let’s face it: who will be able already to keep the opening hours of a copy shop? Usually create tax bills late at night just before the deadline and if no copy shop has opened more. Because the private man should scan its documents before sending it to the IRS or copy. Because if the letter by mail is lost, then you have at least the copies to the security at home. You can play already all writing on data collection in the appropriate folder, which then facilitates the research a lot, if you need to find out when it has requested for example which loans who. The Digitisation of the correspondence makes it easy the subsequent documentation and evidence in disputes. Individuals should consistently digital record, store, and manage. For the purchase of enough of household items and appliances also, to put an Excel list. The installation of the purchased objects should be extended then every time consistently if a new device or a new wardrobe is purchased. What sounds expensive at first glance, it isn’t, if you keep the time in mind, a marathon of search costs after the right pads. This approach is recommended for every household.

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