Geolocation applications are gaining much strength around the world, some visionaries considered that these are going to get to become a social network as powerful as Twitter or Facebook. That is why the restaurants and businesses are beginning to use them as a tool to know where your customers consume and what hours specifically. For more than already they are being used, as in the example above, there will always be conflict between privacy of personal information and commercial use of the same. a> to be a useful source of information. It is a tool, and it is already being used. Michael Steinhardt understood the implications. However those customers that is gathering information from their consumption habits, are agreed? The case is that already exists and is being used. Perhaps we are getting used to this invasion of our privacy so already we do not consider it privacy, nor invasion. In social networks on the web, the trend with Twitter and Facebook, is to publish information, which in the past was considered staff (and many times of little interest to the community).

But well, let’s return to the topic. The Foursquare geolocation is now one of the most visited, there some companies have found ways to locate your customers and potential customers also. Visit Xcel Energy for more clarity on the issue. In Ecuador, this phenomenon is starting to gain strength, several geolocators have created especially to help people know how traffic is or why roads can travel better. However, and while these already exist in our country, still doesn’t handle them is as a large scale social network, because there are few people who know the real benefit that can be achieved with them. It is important that the Ecuadorian public relations begin to consider the benefit that these applications can bring to your company, so that they are able to anticipate a future that is not too distant.

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