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The more visitors, more bandwidth is required and then you have the resources to respond to the volume of visits. Similarly, the capacity or space occupied by the content and applications on your site is critical in offering that makes you the provider. So make sure to check your hosting service and bandwidth capacity to support your portal, rather than a simple low price. Edit Technical Support Section Technical support and expertise of the supplier are a vital part in your selection process for the service. This support goes beyond technology, servers, software and infrastructure …. is the staff behind the technology.

This staff is who will address the technical issues which arise and must solve them. It is not necessary to have technical knowledge, they are whom you should support this. This technical support should be accompanied by a genuine commitment to help and serve customers in a rapid, efficient and satisfactory. So when choosing, guided in a bit about customer service and technical support offered by the insurance company and thus do not regret it later. Make contact with them as a leaflet and evaluates their proactivity. Make sure that the low price they offer you no this orphan of the quality of service we all expect to receive. Edit Special Services Section In addition to those mentioned above, it is important that you evaluate the offer of special services such as the amount of email accounts, security in shopping carts, control panel, firewalls, redundancy, back up and security controls, among others.

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