Education Research

' ' For the examples above, the rhetoric of the pertaining to school quality coexists in the propagandas of different discursivos fields, also in the interior of the proper school, in speak of its citizens. However, it can be said that what if conota as quality, in the perspective of different practical institucional, nor always if lines up with democratic intentions, neither it agglutinates universal interests and neither still it is seen in the result of the practical one. The quality as rhetorical axle that surrounds the pertaining to school institution from the reform of years 90, obeys, therefore, to the multiple logic narratives and interests, thus, the different nexuses of being able you strike in them of the social game. One of the directed current answers to (reverse speed) the qualification of the practical pertaining to school, communicated for the public politics and the scientific inquiries, is the proposal of projects of formation in service for professors. Proposals these that they aim at since bringing up to date practical the pedagogical professor face to the sped up production of the human knowledge at our time, until provoking a debate more profcuo, next to these agents, on the educational purposes of the pertaining to school institution in this century that if he initiates. In this work, he interests us close visualizing more than as law 5640/68, as well as the university Reformation of years 90, with its avaliativos aspects, independent and politicians, has intervened with the pertaining to school context in what it refers to ' ' qualidade' ' of the qualification of the teaching formation and the possible significant alterations provoked by them in practical the daily one, beyond ahead pointing some considered questions vital with respect to the work of the professor of the neoliberal politics. To mark characteristic traces of these objectives, carry through a historical jib that makes possible a vision of as the education if it organized since the primrdios and as this express organization if today in the relations between education and the research. .

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