“Electronic Commerce Cheated ?

Will I be cheated? First I want to define because I write this article, for two simple reasons: "One to make clear the myth of internet scams and that is not by many as the disaster of identity theft and other types. "And the other thing just to help people, so they are not victims of these crimes. Who has not heard the phrase Internet related scam me. It is common that there are many situations of this type today. And because the number of people interacting on the Web At higher volumes, increased chances of negative attitudes of louts who prefer to live in the sweat of others and dedicate time to this, instead of creating and working ..

Some known when you explain that you do, be fearful of this medium. There is a total disregard for them which means the Internet and legal mechanisms and great opportunities that exist today. Not long ago someone asked me if what I did was legal. Precisely because of the ignorance is that such situations arise. There are some who do not make payments Internet because they can steal your identity. And others do not put their pictures on social networks or other sites because they can damage them and their family. Everything is possible but there is a total ignorance on the subject and the great potential the Internet has opened up for work and global communication. So those who think this way the guests to be documented, what, find information.

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