Employment Service

It can be as newspapers and magazines. Usually they are paid and go once a week. As a rule, in special editions of the work have the opportunity to publish their mini-CV. Unfortunately, not all publications with the vacancies that have sites that publish them on the job. But, fortunately, very much. In this series of publications is an opportunity not just browse the vacancies, but “Flip through” self-publishing through e-services, i.e. how to watch ads with vacancies “live”. It should also be borne in mind that not always the electronic version of the publication of vacancies can completely replace your original paper. The fact that some sites do not all the jobs in the “paper” newspaper duplicated (and vice versa).

Forums at work. At these forums, direct employers and recruitment agencies post their vacancies, and competitors offer their services. Forums are good because they can be published vacancies, which no other sources. In addition, there is an opportunity to communicate directly with the HR-managers. To be able to leave messages in the forums on work usually requires registration. Sites authorized bodies on Labor and Employment (Ministry of Labor, Employment Service, State Labor Exchange).

They can also be found in the lists of sites finding a job. On the official websites of the work can also be found direct jobs, which are not published elsewhere. Sites staffing (recruitment) agencies. Often, recruitment agencies overlap in their jobs Online and printed publications. But not always. So sites recruiting agencies may also be a valuable source of information when looking for work. Company websites. Typically, Web sites direct employers much fewer visitors than the sites at work. Therefore, if a vacancy should not be duplicated in other sources and is not outdated, you have a good chance if you do not find a job, then at least to be seen among the relatively provided). 7. Social networks. There are both general plan and professional. You can use those and others. Can be both effective and not very much. For example, you can join a group dedicated to finding a job. Can try to directly contact the staff officers of companies that interest you. You can write to all your friends (and not) that you are looking for a job. You can put the status of a “JOB”. Work in a particular industry or specialization can also search through the professional community. When you see some sort of job in the Internet, pay attention to the date of its availability: it should not be too old. Also, sometimes recruiting agencies and employers publish expiration date vacancy (admission summary). If the date of placing the job is not present, it is necessary to clarify its relevance. And another important point. If you’ve found on that site in Internet job you’re interested in a company or recruitment agency, where you have already sent my resume recently, do not hesitate and do not be lazy to send it again. The fact that the flow of resumes in HR-departments and recruiting Agencies are very big, and you could easily forget. Just do not forget to attach a resume properly drafted a cover letter and indicate the name of the vacancy in the subject.

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