Engine Optimization

One of the goals of SEO-Search Engine Optimization-is to allow users to either present our brand or our site, associated with a particular concept. For example, if I say “Coca Cola” I think of a refreshing soft drink. This is an extreme example of brand presence in the minds of consumers, but bridging the gap when it comes to promoting a website, we also look for this effect of permanence. We want our sales prospects think of us when they need any of our products. Internet advertising is one of the ultimate means to achieve this goal. It takes a certain amount of money on sponsored links and Adwords campaigns, and so unable to install on the horizon of our potential customers. The other half are quintessential SMM or Social Media.

The Social Media sites are those where people simply socialize. Coupled with online friends to spend leisure time, discuss with others about their experiences, their tastes and their difficulties. It also consults with others when you have a problem, vent or complaining about what you do not like. As a result, users spend more time in the SMM. And that’s where we want to be. Or rather, it is our website. The opinion of consumers is what ultimately is going to devote to a product, brand or site, in this case, the success, or bury in oblivion and the “death line.” The SMM is a great way to be with our customers, to spend time with them, know their tastes and preferences. Forget advertising for a moment.

The reason for the SMM is quite another. The key is to provide added value. Imposing our marketing message, we will be labeled as spammers and banned (prohibited) from that site in less than the blink of an eye. Consequently, we want users to follow us voluntarily, seeking our opinion, advice or whatever we have to offer. Notable examples of institutional presence in the SMM may be the Facebook page of Victoria’s Secret, or Red Bull. Facebook page Victoria’s Secret offers an application for “arming” your own bikini, fashion videos and exclusive material. This is why thousands of women visit this page daily, and not only that, but become “fans” option that allows Facebook. Similarly, the Facebook page of Red Bull is full of innovative videos of sports, especially the “back stage” of the pit stops, because Red Bull is a sponsor of many sports teams. In this way, thousands of sports enthusiasts and racing fans are Red Bull and visit daily. Can I read somewhere in the site “Buy Red Bull” or “Buy products from Victoria’s Secret, a large discount? Of course not. Yet the beneficial effect of these marketing actions are phenomenal. Well, this is what we do with the users of the SMM, that we choose.

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