Epistemology The Science And The Technical A. Treves Of History

Epistemology is defined as a philosophical discipline that considers the validity and scope of scientific knowledge, all the problems of putting into question of science. It is a philosophical discipline, because it does not support rules through the application of which you can leave without effect definitely issues discussed. Therefore it is not a science. Scientific epistemological culture is a fundamental attribute. It is a complex discipline. It is the branch of philosophy that studies scientific research and its product, scientific knowledge.

Classic period of epistemology: was cultivated primarily by scientists and mathematicians in leisure hours and philosophers without great scientific preparation. Boltzmann and Mach reached to play a Chair in epistemology. Within the professionalization of epistemology we find the Vienna Circle, the circle was composed by: mathematicians, logicians, philosophers, historians, natural scientists and social scientists. The circle activity lasted less than a decade. They met every week members of different countries (Germany, France, Czechoslovakia, and Switzerland). Epistemology that made members of the Vienna Circle had fatal flaw: era that was tied to the empiricist tradition inductivista Bacon, Hume, Comte, Mach and Berkeley; tradition that was inconsistent with the inherent to the scientific approach realistic epistemology. Most of the members of the circle emigrated, losing contact with the scientists and mathematicians with whom he exchanged ideas. The philosophy of science that cultivated was increasingly more artificial.

Developed a disinterest by mathematics and science and his obsession for linguistic games; making him lose to the Vienna Circle their initial objectives; leaving talk of science to speak the language of science. He left interest in the authentic problems to deal with the use of the expressions. Epistemology deals with the history of science, the philosophy of Science (methods, ways in which scientists, who observe, operate what is plausible or not, etc.). He is responsible for investigating in the ideology of science.

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