European Planet

Surely since it entered an erupting Icelandic volcano which for several months had in vilo to the European sky, many people conciencio are most of the important thing is to care for our planet and that there are things that have always escaped and that always escape our control. I’m not saying nor much less than the eruption of the volcano, whose name I do not remember, outside because of pollution or the train of life we carry, nor much less. It was only a reflection so that we give account of that we have no control of our planet and that the more we punish it, more black will become our future. Here is where they play such an important role renewable energy, our last chance to make our future so green as the present we now know or the past that our parents knew. The environment should not be only a word but a compromise, something which we must work every day to make sure that, in the near future, all can live on a planet without just pollution and most importantly, with many years ahead. For those who don’t know it, when we talk about renewable energy, not only included those contaminants not, that are important, but it is a term more widespread that refers to all those energies or rather, sources of energy, whose depletion is not possible, in this way we assure a balance, for us and for the planet. Today it is difficult to find companies to look beyond the immediate benefit or who worry about things as superfluous and unprofitable as the environment, so I would like to emphasize in large enterprises as Acciona that for years they have opted for sustainability and have focused all their work in moving towards a more sustainable and green future. Read more here: Nick Khan. Is thanks to these little steps that can go raising awareness to people that, we are still in time to save our planet, yet we have not generated any damage so great that it can not be repaired, it is still in our hands decide the future we want….

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